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Friendly Opinions Groups:

  • Multiple Dates
    Tue, Aug 20
    905 Garden of the Gods Rd Suite E, Unit 130, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, USA
    Aug 20, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    905 Garden of the Gods Rd Suite E, Unit 130, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, USA
    This is a time when people with different opinions get together to discuss social topics
  • Shaming Communication vs. Being Considerate
    Shaming Communication vs. Being Considerate
    Wed, May 15
    CreateSpace room at Library 21c
    May 15, 2024, 6:00 PM – May 16, 2024, 7:45 PM
    CreateSpace room at Library 21c, 1175 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, USA
    Friendly opinions takes a designated hot button topic and unfolds that we can have different opinions and no one is crazy. Everyone has a good reason for believing what they believe. Shame is a crucial factor in how we build up or tear down those we talk with. Come and enjoy. Event Capacity is 25.

Our four expectations for safe and civil discussion of hot-button topics

  1. Everyone talks, everyone listens

    • Not one opinion is worth more than another at a Friendly Opinions group; all participants listen and talk. ​

    • No one is required to speak, but each voice carries equal value and deserves to be listened to

  2. Volunteer Timekeeper keeps us on schedule

    • Referee trains Timekeeper on event timing, agrees on alarm sound, and gives speaker notification cards during topic introduction.

  3. Participants signal "I'm Triggered" by making a T-sign with their hands

    • Anyone making a "T" sign with their hands is signaling a Trigger Timeout. This fingertips-to-palm "T" sign is used when anyone feels triggered, which immediately signals the rest of the group to pause talking to address the source and remedy for feeling triggered. 

  4. One referee settles any dispute/misunderstanding

    • YELLOW CARD WORTHY OFFENSES: the offender is silent for the rest of that part of the event. If someone is triggered and the offending speaker doesn't stop talking, if someone physically touches someone else (without their spoken approval), if someone uses opinion belittling or dismissing words, or in response to any use of name calling or gaslighting (i.e., "that's crazy" or "Don’t be hysterical"

    • RED CARD WORTHY OFFENSES: The Red Card recipient agrees to stay silent the rest of the evening and not sulk or give any glaring looks because that's scary and triggering. RedCard will be given if someone receives two Yellow Cards, or at the referee's discretion, with the agreement of two short-talk speakers.

Interested in a Friendly Opinions Group?

Join us for one-on-one, small group, and short talks on a designated hot-button topic with people who hold different, opposite, and varied opinions from your own judgment-free. 

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What Is Privilege: Brené Brown On Staying Silent vs. Speaking Up

What Is Privilege: Brené Brown On Staying Silent vs. Speaking Up

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We are a local community celebrating opinions, soothing fears, and discussing the good and bad of each topic in search of how to be unified in a world divided by political and social leaders. 

We are afraid to share our opinions when we know enough about a topic to understand that we don't know enough to be an expert.


Our Fight/Flight Instinct arises when we fear an outcome but do not know enough to address opposing views with humility, non-violence, and the belief that all people are created equal.


Ironically, once someone is an expert in a field or on a topic, this is the individual who knows how complex the topic is and doesn't speak out quickly because all answers can deceive us when we don't understand where the other person is coming from. 



These discussions are not for profit, and there is no cost. Finger food and drinks will be available, and you are welcome to bring food or drink to share if you like.